Food Marketing


After years of experience as a product manager for large consumer package goods companies such as Chiquita Brands and Clairol and a little bit of advertising agency work with Wells, Rich & Green and Ogilvy & Mather, combined with an MBA in marketing and finance and a culinary degree, I help my clients create a plan to take their initial product idea from concept development to distribution which includes any or all of the following:

* Concept Development
* Logo Design/Packaging
* Business and Marketing Plans
* Selection and Creation of Target Markets
* Manufacturing and Ingredients Sourcing
* Sales & Marketing Materials
* Distribution both Nationally & Internationally


Do you have a product that you would like to create extensions on? Are your product sales starting to “dip” and you need to create new uses for it or give it a facelift?  A classic example is baking soda; when it was discovered that the product could be used not only for baking; people all over the world starred buying it over and over again again and until this day it is in most refrigerators.  Would this help your product?

Marketing is the single most important part of a budget and is the number one area that is put at the bottom of priority.  If no one knows about your product, how will they buy it?

Let me help you put your product on the map and successful and have fun in the process.  

“Creative thinking prevents missed opportunities and leads to success!”