Traveling American Chefs

Traveling American Chefs is a group of American Chefs who are invited each year by the China Hotel Association and the local Chinese Government to participate in the Annual International Gourmet Food Festival that takes place each year in a different region in China.

It is a great honor for us to participate as Americans at this prestigious event.


Traveling American Chefs prepare and present different American menu items for display during this amazing 3-day festival.  We also offer live cooking demonstrations. The top hotel and restaurant chefs from all over China participate as well and the show is attended by thousands of hotel and restaurant owners, chefs, food professionals and food distributors looking for new ideas.

Also during the 3-day festival the national awards are given out to the top Hotel and restaurant chefs in China in addition to the top overall restaurants.

When feasible, Traveling American Chefs also partners with American food companies who are interested in gaining Chinese distribution of their products.

The show participation is just one part of our business. With the greater presence of Americans traveling to China for business and/or pleasure, it is important that Chinese hotels have a grasp of their American guests’ needs in terms of food/service to make their guests feel at home in China.

Our service includes expert culinary food/service training programs to aid our Chinese counterparts in how to best offer true American food and service that is familiar to their guests, thus making them comfortable.

Upon request, we are hired as culinary consultants for back of the house and front of the house. We then travel to each hotel to observe first then develop a plan that can be implemented after our departure.

Our basic packages include:

* Initial observation of both food and service over a 3 day period
* A report is created with recommendations for changes or additions toexisting practices
* A plan is then created to put the suggested changes into place
* Where appropriate, a marketing plan is also developed and Restaurant/Hotel Promotions suggested

Traveling American Chefs assists Chinese Hotels in creating excellent American Food & Food Service to better meet needs of each hotel’s American Guests thus improving their reputation and increasing business & profits.