Armed with a culinary degree and an MBA in Marketing combined with over 25 years’ experience as a pastry chef, co- restaurant owner and product manager in the food industry, I guide clients through all areas relating to food.


Liz Thompson Marketing was initially started ten years ago as side work to a full-time career in the restaurant business.  Once in food, you are automatically contacted frequently for help in the many different areas of the food business which lead me to believe that this alone could be my full-time career; and so it is.



When you are passionate about food and restaurants as I am, the knowledge that is learned and collected over the years spans many different areas that allow me to successfully consult in many areas that include:

* Restaurant Consulting
* Food Marketing/Branding
* Recipe Development
* Corporate Sponsorships
* Food Writing
* Travel Opportunities

Do I do it alone? No. No man or woman is an island. I bring in seasoned professionals that are at the top of their specialized fields whom I have worked with for many years and we create the team necessary to meet all of my clients’ needs successfully and with cost parameters in mind.