Restaurant Consulting

With over 20 years combined experience as a Pastry Chef and Restaurant Co- Owner, my strengths and passion for the restaurant industry are aligned to walk my clients through all aspects required for start-ups, turnarounds and expansions.



A restaurant owner in most cases starts their restaurant from a place of passion and creativity but gets caught up in the daily operations of running a successful restaurant. In addition, the “wearing of so many different hats” can make it difficult to give each specific area of the restaurant business as much attention as is needed. As a result, the benefits of bringing in a professional consultant who looks from the “outside in” can bring a different perspective and discover new methods to increase cash flow. This is the reason why there are restaurant consultants!

Sometimes, professional advice is only needed on a short-term basis such as for putting together a plan for a new season with new menu items and recipes, promotions and on-site events. Or maybe a quick analysis of how to improve service after seeing
Many online complaints; restaurant consulting involves both big and small projects, all with the same goal of keeping the restaurant profitable.

Areas of service include but are not limited to:

* Concept Development

* Business Plan Development which include:

1. Competitive Analysis
2. Feasibility Study
3. Logistics Study

* Marketing Plan Development

1. Social Media
2. Promotion/PR
3. Events

* Branding:

1. Development of line of food products
2. Cookbook Development

* Menu Development/Food Costing
* Ongoing Operations Analysis