Recipe Development


Do you have a new product that you are trying to sell but need help with ideas on how to show your consumers how to use it? Need recipes on the back of the package, the bottle, your website? Recipe cards at trade shows?

Or do you want to create a cookbook with recipes using your product like many manufacturers do and either sell it like Justin’s Peanut Butter Book or just a booklet to place in the package that won’t be thrown out with the box? Bob’s Red Mill has a fantastic simple coil bound recipe book using all of their products that is given away at trade shows.  

Selling kitchen small wares? How about recipes that utilize your piece of equipment that can also be used to demonstrate at both wholesale and retail levels.

Recipe Development is an important part of marketing your food products and can also be used to create new uses to increase both your target markets and your sales. Maybe you have been focusing your sales on traditional outlets and I’ll show you how to think outside the box and create new markets.  

Need help with a new restaurant menu or just need to add a few new exciting and different items that can then be used to promote your restaurant? I am a classically trained pastry chef with an understanding of savory as well and have years of experience creating menus and menu items.

By adding a new and unusual menu item, your restaurant/café/food truck can be put on the map immediately using social media.

Services we provide:

* Create Restaurant Menus & Recipes

* Ingredients Manufacturers & Kitchen Small Wares for use on:

- Packaging
- Websites
- Trade Show Materials
- Cookbooks

* National Food Associations

* Food Festivals

* Retail & Wholesale Products