Corporate Sponsorships

At times, it is necessary and advantageous to partner with a food related company to help promote your restaurant, business or event.

Most companies today have a special “Marketing” budget to be used solely for the purpose of getting their name and or products exposure which comes in the form of being involved with different events or cross-promotions.  They are waiting to be approached with new ideas that make sense. And with social media today, what might seem like a small event to you will have a very wide reach as the social media platform from the sponsoring corporation will take your exposure much further as well.

Areas where such partnerships can help that I have been involved with include:

* Restaurant Events

* Culinary School Events

* Charity Events/National Organizations

* Cook Book Tours

* Trade Shows

Examples of sponsorships have included:

* Pastry Plus Event at International Culinary Center, NYC
* Taste of the Nation, Culver City, California
* Gastronomicom French Culinary Academy, Miami
* The Art Institute of California
* The California Watermelon Festival
* Cookbook Tour, Patricia Greenberg "Scrumptious Sandwiches, Salads and Snacks” 2017